Stringing Knots

There are a number knots used in stringing a racquet: 

  1. Double half hitch knot
  2. Starting knot
  3. Pro Knot, also called the Richard Parnell Knot
  4. Comprehensive list of stringing knots

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Double Half Hitch Knot

The double half hitch knot is used to tie off the end of the string.  Although commonly used and known for tying off the end of the string, it can be used as a starting knot as well.

The knot is depicted in the drawing and in a couple of pictures below.

Double half hitch diagram

Double Half Hitch

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Starting Knot

As noted above, some folks use the double half hitch to start the crosses.  But others use a special knot used specifically to start the crosses. 

The knot is depicted in the drawing and in a couple of pictures below.

 Starting knot diagram

Starting knot before it is tensioned

Starting knot after it is tensioned

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Pro Knot / Richard Parnell Knot

The professionals favor this knot for a number of reasons.  I can see why.   When done correctly, the knot is very compact with the end of the string neatly tucked against the frame.   It is very secure with no slippage or breakage issues with all string types even with fragile strings like gut.

I prefer this knot over the two knots above.  It is fast, secure, and very easy to do!

Pro Knot / Richard Parnell Knot / Half Hitch Knot with a Tail

To see of a video of this knot, click one of the video clips below:

Thanks to David Pavlich, Jaycee, and Joe at who provided the wisdom on the different knots.

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Comprehensive list of Stringing Knots

Ian Cheong sent me an email pointing out a document that has a comprehensive list of stringing knots.  It is published by the European Racquet Stringers Association (ERSA).

It used to be at the following link:

Unfortunately, ERSA has removed or relocated it.  :(

It's a shame because it is one of the best references I've seen on stringing information and instructions.

If anyone has any info on this document or an updated version of it, please feel free to let me know so I can post the info here.

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Got Tips or Suggestions?

If you have any suggestions or tips for other tennis enthusiasts, please let me know and I'll post it here for you.


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