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What's new on the M-TLV ISF Calibration Report Version 3

Michael TLV writes:

  • Addition of a “Weighted Average Percentage.” This number tries to roughly account for the human eye’s ability to see differences in the grayscale at varying light output levels. We can see the greatest amount of change in the darkest patterns like the 20 or 30 ire patterns. Likewise, when the light level increases to the 80 to 100 ire levels, the grayscale has to be skewed a lot more before we can really see the difference. For example, a 10% increase in green on the dark end is far objectionable that a 10% increase on the bright end. Often, we may not even notice it. I have therefore given the values on the darker end a higher “weighting” when calculating the overall improvement of the image in terms of grayscale.

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