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Download YXY

You may upgrade any previous version of YXY just by re-running the setup program shown below. All of your existing data files should be preserved, but it might not hurt to make a backup before installing a newer version.

Please Read the Help File!

The summary in this web page is not complete. The on-line help file included with the program includes much more information on using the various YXY options. They are too detailed to go into on this web page. Just press F1 at any time to launch the YXY help file.

YXY V1.6 zipped

YXY V1.5 zipped
We are keeping V1.5 just in case anyone has problems with the updated version.

For either download,

  • The attachment is a single .zip file that contains two setup files, which need to be placed in the same directory (or on separate floppy disks):
    • YXYDSETP.W02
  • I have only tested this on my own machine, but hopefully it will work fine.